Discussion Questions: Stress


  • Which of these is most stressful for you….
    (public speaking, taking a test, going on a first date, long flights, giving presentations,
    work gatherings, speaking  with native English speakers, ….?) 
  • What causes you stress? (e.g.  money, family, lovelife, health, future, etc.)
  • Which social situations cause you the most stress?
    What professional situations cause you stress?
  • What were the most stressful ages or periods of your life?
    When have you felt like you “can’t take it anymore”?
  • What were the least stressful, most care-free ages periods of your life?
  • How does stress affect you physically & emotionally?  
  • What health consequences have you experienced because of stress?
    Other people you know?
  • How do you usually cope with stress?  
    Which responses are effective?  Which ones are ineffective?
  • How do different members of your family deal with stress?
  • How do different generations of your family deal with stress? (you, parents, grandparents, children)
  • When do you feel the most relaxed or unstressed?
  • Who’s the most/least stressed person you know?
  • What is unique or different about stress in Korea? Causes?  Responses?
  • If you’ve traveled to different countries, have you noticed anything different about how the people there deal with stress?
  • How will your future decisions (about career, partnership, kids, place of residence, etc.) affect your stress levels?



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