Humans: Synthetic Beings

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  • synthetic
  • synth, android, robot
  • running over
  • bonfire
  • lift (noun)
  • There she blows
  • crack on
  • posh
  • bumf
  • waltz
  • boosted (slang)
  • reckon
Discussion Questions

1. Would you want to have a ‘synth’ in your home? Why or Why not?
How would different members of your family react?
2. How would you design your synth – gender, size, race, etc? What would you like them to do? would you have any special rules for them?
3. How would you feel about having a synth coworker?
4. Do you think it is possible for an AI creation could gain sentience? have emotions? be self-aware?
5. What are some potential benefits of AI?
6. What are some risks or potential dangers of AI?
7. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic about artificial intelligence technology? Why?
8. Which jobs do you think will be eliminated because of AI and automation?
9. Which jobs will continue to exist or be created?
10. Do you think AI beings could destroy humanity?
11. Do you think AI can produce art or music?
12. Do you think AI ‘synths’ should have any ethical rights?

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