Welcome to EGL126

Stay tuned for information about several pre-semester events and week#1 tasks ( for those who would like to get a head start).
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the final weeks of winter break.

Entrance Questionnaire & Bands
Once you have registered for one of the classes below, you can complete the Entrance Questionnaire and join the appropriate Band.
*Students who are also taking my EGL124 course: You need to join a Band for each class and complete both Entrance Questionnaires. Some questions are the same (you can copy and paste answers to those), but some are different. 

Mobile BAND logo

  Band:  https://band.us/band/90128609
  Invite: https://band.us/n/aba38b2dGf78R 

  Band:  https://band.us/band/90128623
  Invite: https://band.us/n/a2a48a2cG299G

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