Useful AI Tools and Prompts for English Composition: Spring 2024 Experimentation

Below are AI tools and prompts I used in my Spring 2024 Modern Approaches to English Composition course.  Throughout the semester, tools were updated, added, and reranked. Prompts were modified as students and I experimented with using them with different generative AI platforms.  The top ‘suggested prompt‘ is the one that came closest to providing the kind of grammar and usage feedback I would give to students on their writings.

Summer staycation has just begun, so stay tuned for more lessons learned from last semester and fresh updates as prep for next semester begins 🙂

Tools & Resources

Generative AI Sites

Writing Corrections, Translators, and Feedback

Sites for voice chat

Prompts  you can use with Generative AI to tweak your writing

Suggested Prompt (updated June 2024):  (works especially well with ChatGPT4o and  Perplexity)

For the writing below, please suggest fixes to grammar errors. Types of errors can include, but are not limited to:
– subject-verb agreement
– punctuation
– proper use of coordinating conjunctions
– countable/uncountable nouns
– usage of intensifiers
– adverbs of time
– preposition usage
– determiners
– collocation
– parallel structure
– lack of smoothness
– unclear pronoun references
– run-on sentences
– transition issues
– word form
– word order
– word choice

 Make a list of each specific change that is grammatically necessary. If a sentence is grammatically correct, do not list it. Keep as much of the original sentence structure and word choice as possible. Highlight any changes with bold text and for each change provide a detailed explanation of why a fix is grammatically necessary.   

In another section, list optional modifications that would make my writing more powerful and effective. Don’t make suggestions unless you think they make significant improvements. For each suggestion, provide a specific example.

Here is the writing:


Other Prompts

  1. Please regenerate the writing below. Make any changes you think are necessary because of grammar issues or lack of clarity. Keep everything else as is.  Please don’t make suggestions just to make suggestions. Only do so, if you think it makes a significant improvement. List each specific change you made below the text in a ‘comments section’.  If you’re not sure about the meaning of something, do not change it, but you can mention it in the comments section.
  2. Improve this sentence with a minimum of change to structure and word choice.
  3. Correct my writing using these criteria:
    – Grammar errors that should be fixed. Please make a list of each specific change that is grammatically necessary.
    – Optional modifications that would make my writing more powerful and effective. Please don’t make suggestions unless you think they make significant improvements.
    – Feedback on strengths and weaknesses of what I wrote related to organization, structure, flow, and descriptive power. After you have done all of the above, regenerate the text based on those suggestions.
  4. This is a sentence I wrote about _____.  What are some alternative ways to craft this sentence?  Please explain any differences in meaning or nuance (in Korean).
    <copy sentence>
  5. In the sentence below, what are some other words I could substitute for ______.,
    <copy sentence>
  6. Please check the writing below for any grammar or punctuation errors.
  7. Evaluate this sentence and improve it if possible:
  8. Please correct the sentence below and explain any changes you suggest.
  9. Is there any awkward phrasing in the text below?  If so, please suggest alternatives. Rewrite the paragraph below in your own words while maintaining the original meaning.
  10. Are there any parts of my writing that seem confusing or unclear?
  11. Does my argument make sense? Is there a logical flow to my ideas?
  12. Are there any places where my word choice could be more precise or interesting?
  13. Could you point out places where a different sentence structure would make my writing flow better?
  14. What is your overall impression of my essay? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  15.  Rewrite the following sentence to make it more concise and clear.
  16. Identify any redundant or unnecessary words or phrases in the given sentence and revise them for better clarity.
  17. Identify and correct any grammatical errors or awkward phrasing in the provided sentence.
  18. Suggest a more engaging or attention-grabbing opening sentence for the given paragraph.
  19. I’m concerned about the organization of my essay. Can you provide guidance on how to restructure it for better flow?
  20. English isn’t my first language, and I’m worried about awkward phrasing in my writing. If there are any awkward phrases in the text below, please suggest alternatives. 
  21. I want to vary my vocabulary more. Can you suggest synonyms for any repetitive words or phrases?
  22. I’m aiming for a more formal tone in my writing. Could you point out any instances where I sound too informal and suggest alternatives?
  23. I’ve included a lot of quotes from sources, but I’m not sure if I’ve cited them correctly. Can you check my citations and ensure they’re formatted properly?
  24. I’ve received feedback that my writing lacks originality. How can I inject more creativity and unique perspective into my writing?
  25. I’m struggling with the length of my sentences. Can you help me identify areas where I can break them up for better readability?

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