Motivation: Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and Why We Do What We Do



  • intrinsic motivation
  • extrinsic motivation
  • autonomy
  • mastery
  • contingent
  • obliged
  • incentive
  • replicated
  • robust
  • protocol

Discussion Questions

  1. What motivates you to spend your time the way you do?
  2. What kinds of rewards or benefits do you receive for various activities?
  3. Do you think of yourself as a ‘motivated person’. How so and/or why not?
  4. What things do you do for reasons of intrinsic motivation? What are the rewards?
  5. What things do you do for reasons of extrinsic motivation? What are the rewards?
  6. Compare how you feel when doing things for intrinsic vs. extrinsic reasons?
  7. How might you overcome these obstacles?
  8. What motivates you as a student?
  9. What motivated you to make recent decisions?
  10. What would an education system that embraces intrinsic motivation look like for teachers and students?

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