Holidays and Family


Discussion Questions

  1. What will you do during Chuseok? …and the long holiday weekend?
  2. What are your favorite holidays?  …your (best, worst, funniest, scariest, etc.) holiday memories?
  3. What special Chuseok or holiday traditions does your family have?
  4. What are the different gender roles during holidays?  Have they changed over time?
  5. Is your family emotionally and/or physically expressive and/or affectionate?
    Do you hug each other?  say ‘I love you’?  yell when arguing?
  6. What’s more common in your family – compliments or criticism?
  7. What is unique or unusual about your family?  Is there a black sheep in your family?
  8. How is your mother’s side of your extended family different from your father’s side?
  9. Who is your favorite relative? least favorite?  craziest?
  10. Will you spend (or receive) a lot of money during the holiday? How so?
  11. How does your family conduct the memorial ceremony (차례)? 
  12. If/when you or your spouse are in charge of 제사 ceremonies, how will you conduct them?
  13. What are you most thankful for during the past year?
  14. Which holidays have you celebrated outside of your home country?
    If so, which ones were most impressive and/or memorable?

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