Discussion Questions and Vocabulary: Weather & Climate

Weather Icons

Discussion Questions

  1. What’s your favorite season and why? 
  2. Do you have any particular ‘seasonal activities?
  3. Which do you like better – hot weather or cold weather?
  4. If you could live in any kind of climate, which would you choose? Why?
  5. What have been your most memorable weather experiences? (scary, unpleasant, beautiful?
  6. Have you or people you know experienced a natural disaster?
  7. How does weather affect your mood? Do you suffer from S.A.D.?
  8. Do you remember the first time you saw snow?
  9. What are your feelings about climate change?
  10. How often do you check the weather forecast? Every morning/evening?
  11. Can you read and understand weather maps along with all the signs and symbols?
  12. Do you have a favorite weather person on TV?
  13. What is the hottest/coldest natural temperature you have experienced? 
  14. Have you ever had your holidays ruined because of bad weather?
  15. Have you ever been through a storm on a plane or at sea? Has that experience given you a fear of traveling by air or sea?
  16. How do you feel about being in the sun? Do you wear sunblock, wide-brim visors, or other protective items? Use a parasol? Do you burn easily? Have you ever been seriously sunburned?


barometer 기압계

blizzard 눈보라

Celsius 섭씨

chill 냉기

cyclone 집진 장치

dew 이슬

downpour 호우

drought 가뭄

drizzle 이슬비

Fahrenheit 화씨

fog 안개

forecast 예측

frost 서리

hail 빗발

hazy 흐릿한

humidity 습기

hurricane 허리케인

meteorology 기상학

muggy 찌는 듯이 더운

precipitation 강수량

pressure 압력

radar 레이더

rainbow 무지개

sizzling hot 지글 지글 핫

sleet 진눈깨비

thermometer 온도계

tidal wave 조석 파

thunder 우뢰

thunderstorm 뇌우

tornado 폭풍

tsunami 쓰나미

typhoon 태풍

Weather-related Idioms


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