Study Group Plan: International Drinking Games and Customs



  • proclamation
  • clink
  •  exclamation
  •  palatable
  • audacity
  •  undertones
  •  lighthearted
  •  abolish
  •  fizzy
  •  esteemed
  • etiquette
  • blunders
  • dictate

Discussion Questions: 

  1. What international drinking games have you played?
  2. Based on the materials above, which would you like the most? Why?
  3. Do you like drinking games or do you prefer to ‘just drink’? Why?
  4. Have you had any experiences drinking in a different country? If so, please describe. 
  5. Have you had experiences in Korea drinking with non-Koreans or going to ‘foreigner bars’?
  6. Aside from games, what is different about the way Koreans drink and the way people drink in other countries
  7. Which countries’ drinking culture seems most/least appealing?
  8. What would you choose if you could drink anything, with anyone, in any country?

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