Body Language and Non-verbal Communication (English Study Group Materials)

Materials: (Articles & Videos)


  1. What do you think are the most important types of non-verbal communication?
    What do you notice most (positive or negative)?
  2. Can you think of experiences where someone has made a strong impression on you (positive or negative) because of different types of nonverbal communication? (Facial Expression,  Gestures,   Posture,  Eye Contact,   Appearance)
  3. Do you think using a lot of non-verbal language makes conversation richer or distracts from what is being said? 
  4. How non-verbally active are you?  Facial expression, hand gestures, eye contact,  etc.?
  5. Do you think you can talk to someone for an hour without using hand gestures?
  6.  Do you think Koreans use body language a lot? Which countries use body language the most?
  7. What types of non-verbal communication norms should a non-Korean be aware of in Korea?
  8. What are some different types of non-verbal communication you’ve observed among non-Koreans?
  9. What types of non-verbal communication ‘rub you the wrong way’ [bother you]?
  10. How do you think men and women use body language differently?
  11. What kind of body language tells you that someone is attracted to you?
  12. What are examples of non-verbal communication that take place in a classroom? As students, what should you be aware of when it comes to sending and perceiving non-verbal messages? 
  13. How do you feel about eye contact?  How long can you stare into someone’s eyes without looking away?
  14. Do you have anybody language habits you’d like to change?
  15. Has anyone ever misinterpreted your body language?  (e.g. thought you were angry when you weren’t)
  16. What have you observed about Zoom body language?  What makes a good or bad virtual impression? 


  • deliberate
  • paralinguistics
  • convey
  • subtle
  • definitive
  • proxemics
  • gaze
  • pupils
  • dilate
  • hostility
  • haptic
  • intimacy
  • platonic
  • physiological

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