Study Group Topic: Fashion Brands (Readings, Vocabulary, Discussion Questions, Idioms)


Discussion Questions

  1. Are you interested in fashion?
  2. What is your favorite fashion brand? Why do you like that brand?
  3. Which brand do you think is the most famous?
  4. Where do you usually buy your clothes?
  5. Do you prefer to buy clothes online or at a clothing store?
  6. What is your favorite type of outer clothing?
  7. Which season do you think is the best for fashion? (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  8. When was the first time you bought your own clothes? What kind of clothes did you buy?
  9. Do you like to wear accessories? If you like accessories, what accessories do you prefer?
  10. Which is better to buy –  a lot of cheap brand clothes or a few expensive brand clothes?
  11. What kind of shoes do you like to wear?
  12. Have you ever heard someone tell you that you are not a good dresser? How did you feel then?
  13. Do you have any experience buying clothes cheaply?
  14. Have you ever bought a knock-off item because you thought it was a genuine product?
  15. How much do you spend on clothes in a year?
  16. Do you like comfortable clothes or pretty clothes even if they are uncomfortable?
  17. Who is the most fashionable person you know?
  18. Which celebrity’s fashion style would you most like to copy?


Vocabulary (from article)

Prolific – (다작의) producing many works, results, or achievements

Example sentence: Picasso was one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century.

Couture – (고급 양복) high-fashion clothing that is made to order for individual customers

Example sentence: The designer’s couture collection featured luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery.

Sartorial – (옷에 대한) relating to clothing or style

Example sentence: The singer’s sartorial choices often grab headlines in fashion magazines.

Iconoclastic – (박수를 받지 않는) characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions

Example sentence: The artist’s iconoclastic works challenged traditional notions of beauty.

Aesthetic – (미적인) concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty

Example sentence: The new restaurant’s decor had a modern aesthetic with clean lines and minimalistic furniture.

Avant-garde – (아방가르드) innovative or experimental ideas, especially in the arts

Example sentence: The designer’s avant-garde collection pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion.

Haute – (고급의) high-class or high-quality, especially in fashion

Example sentence: The model strutted down the runway wearing haute couture from one of the world’s top fashion houses.

Eccentric – (별난) unconventional and slightly strange

Example sentence: The designer’s eccentric personality was reflected in his unique and eclectic designs.

Enigmatic – (수수께끼 같은) mysterious or puzzling

Example sentence: The actress was known for her enigmatic smile and quiet demeanor.

Minimalist – (최소주의적인) characterized by simplicity and minimalism

Example sentence: The designer’s minimalist aesthetic was reflected in his simple, clean lines and neutral color palette.

Opulent – (호화로운) rich and luxurious, especially in decoration

Example sentence: The hotel’s opulent ballroom was adorned with chandeliers and intricate gold leaf designs.

Resplendent – (화려한) shining brilliantly, especially with colors

Example sentence: The model wore a resplendent gown made of flowing silk and adorned with shimmering jewels.

Sophisticated – (세련된) refined and cultured in manner or taste

Example sentence: The designer’s sophisticated collection featured tailored suits and elegant evening gowns.

Ubiquitous – (어디든지 존재하는) present or found everywhere

Example sentence: Jeans are a ubiquitous fashion staple that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Vanguard – (선봉적인) the forefront of a movement or trend

Example sentence: The designer’s bold and daring designs put her at the vanguard of the fashion industry.

Accurate – (정확한) correct or precise

Example sentence: The scientist’s experiments produced accurate results that confirmed her hypothesis.

Algorithm – (알고리즘) a set of rules or procedures for solving a problem in a finite number of steps

Example sentence: The algorithm used by the search engine ranks results based on relevance and popularity.

Emblem – (상징) a symbol or design that represents a particular organization or idea

Example sentence: The eagle is a common emblem of national pride and strength.

Sustainable – (지속 가능한) able to be maintained or continued without causing harm to the environment or depleting resources

Example sentence: The company’s commitment to sustainable practices included using recycled materials and reducing waste.

Synonymous – (동의어의) having the same or a similar meaning

Example sentence: In many cultures, wealth and success are synonymous with happiness and fulfillment.

Impeccable – (무결점의) flawless or perfect

Example sentence: The fashion designer’s impeccable attention to detail was evident in every stitch of her clothing.

Knock-off – (모조품) a cheap imitation or copy of a more expensive product

Example sentence: The street vendor sold knock-off designer handbags for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Conglomerate – (다같이 모인) a corporation consisting of several different companies in various industries

Example sentence: The conglomerate’s diverse portfolio included everything from technology to entertainment to retail.


Idioms & Sayings


On fleek – (멋져 보이는, 완벽한) a slang term used to describe something that looks perfect or is on point

Example sentence: Her makeup is on fleek today, with perfectly shaped eyebrows and flawless skin.

In vogue – (유행 중인) currently popular or fashionable

Example sentence: Neon colors are in vogue this season, so I bought a bright pink sweater.

Dress to impress – (인상을 주기 위해 멋지게 입다) dress stylishly or elegantly to make a good impression

Example sentence: I’m going to dress to impress for my job interview today.

Fashion victim – (패션 피해자) someone who always follows the latest fashion trends, often to their own detriment

Example sentence: She spent all her money on the latest designer clothes and became a fashion victim.

Style over substance – (식물을 선호하는) emphasizing style or appearance over quality or substance

Example sentence: The trendy restaurant had style over substance, as the food was mediocre.

Clothes make the man – (옷이 사람을 만든다) a person’s appearance can greatly influence others’ opinions of them

Example sentence: He dressed in a suit and tie for his job interview, remembering that clothes make the man.

Fashion faux pas – (패션적인 실수) a serious or embarrassing fashion mistake

Example sentence: She accidentally wore two different shoes to the party, committing a fashion faux pas.

A cut above the rest – (다른 사람들과 차별화되는) superior or of higher quality than others

Example sentence: The designer’s clothing line was a cut above the rest, with unique and innovative designs.

Old hat – (오래되어 무미건조한) outdated or no longer fashionable

Example sentence: Bell-bottom pants were popular in the 70s but are now considered old hat.

Fit like a glove – (귀여운 옷을 찾아) fitting perfectly or snugly

Example sentence: The dress fit like a glove and made her feel confident and beautiful.

Have a flair for fashion – (패션에 대한 소질이 있는) have a natural talent or interest in fashion

Example sentence: She has a flair for fashion and can put together unique and stylish outfits.

Look like a million dollars – (백만 달러짜리처럼 보이다) look extremely stylish or expensive

Example sentence: The movie star’s red carpet outfit made her look like a million dollars.

Under wraps – (비밀로 유지되는) kept secret or hidden from view

Example sentence: The designer’s latest collection was still under wraps, with no sneak peeks allowed.

On trend – (트렌드에 맞춰진) following current fashion trends

Example sentence: The boutique only sells clothing that is on trend and popular with fashion influencers.

Dress for the occasion – (특별한 자리에 따라 옷을 입다) dress appropriately for a specific event or occasion

Example sentence: She knew to dress for the occasion and wore a formal gown to the wedding.

A fashion plate – (패션의 전문가) someone who is always stylish and fashionable, often used as a compliment

Example sentence: She’s a real fashion plate and always looks chic and put together.

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