Discussion Topic: Avengers Psychological Health & Well-being

Materials: (Articles & Videos)



  1. Which Avengers do you think….
    … are most depressed
    … have anger issues
    ….seem unstable
    …. are self-centered

  2. What are the positive and negative personality aspects of your favorite Avengers?
    What about Marvel villains?

  3. Which Avengers would be good (or bad) to have as friends?

  4. How would you rate different Avengers in the six factors of the Ryff Scales of well-being (below)?

  5. How do you think having superpowers would affect your well-being and psychological health?

  6. Do you think Avenger superheroes are good or bad role models?  How so?

Ryff Scales of Psychological Well-Being  

  • self-acceptance

  • the establishment of quality ties to other

  • a sense of autonomy in thought and action

  • the ability to manage complex environments to suit personal needs and values

  • the pursuit of meaningful goals and a sense of purpose in life

  • continued growth and development as a person

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