Best of the Year

As the end of the year approaches, students can discuss ‘best of the year’ possibilities for general things (like best song or athlete) and more personal things (like best day or biggest regret).

Lists Best of the Year

Choose categories of interest and In groups, discuss what you consider to be best of the year.  Alternatively, if some of you are graduating soon, you can discuss the best of ‘my university life’. Feel free to think of additional categories. 

End of the year Superlatives


  • best song:
  • best musician:
  • best TV show/Movie
  • best Youtuber:
  • best video game:
  • best actor:
  • best athlete:
  • best new word or phrase:
  • most important Korean news story:
  • most important international news story:



  • best day:
  • worst day: 
  • best meal:
  • most important lesson learned:
  • most significant accomplishment:
  • favorite new piece of clothing:
  • biggest regret/disappointment:
  • angriest moment:
  • biggest waste of time
  • biggest surprise
  • most valued purchase
  • most grateful for:

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