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The original General Service List o2000 words was created in 1953 by Michael West and this is used by most graded readers in the development of their level system.
This list includes the list of 300 sight words which cover 50~70% of most texts.
(Dolch Sight WordAbout   Word Lists)

The New General Service Lisis an updated version that includes 2818 words. It is a “list of the most important high-frequency words useful for second language learners of English, ones which gives the highest possible coverage of English texts with the fewest words possible.”

NGSL Quizlets
50 word blocks here
100 word blocks here
560 word blocks here

  • The most common vocabulary size for foreign test-takers is 4,500 words
  • Foreign test-takers tend to reach over 10,000 words by living abroad
  • Foreign test-takers learn 2.5 new words a day while living in an English-speaking country

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