English Study Group Materials: Jerrod Carmichael Talks about Coming Out

The first interview is an unusually honest and emotionally raw talk show appearance.  Comedian Jerrod Carmichael talks to Seth Meyers about a conversation he had with his parents only minutes before going on air.  He had come out during a recently released stand-up special.  The second video was recorded a couple of weeks later. and the final video is his monologue from SNL (shortly after the Will Smith slap). 

March 27: The Slap
April 1: Stand-up special released on HBO
April 3: SNL Monologue
April 7: Seth Meyers Show
April 15:  The Daily Show
April 27: Howard Stern Show


Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever kept a secret from loved ones that caused you pain inside?
  2. Do your behaviors ever conflict with the values of your family and/or religion?
    Do you do anything they consider morally wrong or sinful?
  3.  Have you ever shared an important secret with parents or other loved ones?
    How did you share it?  How did it go?
  4. Which aspects of your personal life do you share with your parents?  Which aspects don’t you?
  5. What was the most difficult conversation you’ve had with your parents?
  6. Do you know people who have ‘come out’ in Korea?  How did it go?
  7. How would your parents react to one of their children telling them they were gay?


  • foster care
  • whirlwind
  • embark
  • rift
  • cognitive dissonance
  • insurmountable
  • trauma
  • heckling
  • brash persona
  • caught me off guard 


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