A Guide to Using Flipgrid to Check Conversation Accuracy


Go to https://admin.flipgrid.com/ and log in with your Google Account.
Click ‘Get Started’.

Click ‘+ Group’.


For the Group Name, type Your Name EGLXXX-XX Videos (e.g. 제프 EGL222-02 Videos)

Click ‘Add a co-lead’

Enter ‘[email protected]’. Click ‘Invite’.

Delete the existing ‘Hello, I am…’ topic.

Click ‘+ Topic’.

For the Title, type Your Name EGLXXX-XX Videos (e.g. 제프 EGL222-02 Videos)

Set Recording Time to 10 minutes.  Click Save to Group.

To post a video, click ‘Add the first response’ or from the top menu, choose ‘Record a Response.

Choose Options/ Upload Clip

Click Next / Submit / Done.
It will take a few minutes for your video to process. When it is processed, you click ‘Closed Captions / Download Captions’.

Create a Google Doc in your EGL Google Drive folder. Give it the title ‘Your Name EGLXXX Conversation Accuracy’.

Paste the text into your Conversation Accuracy Google Doc and make sure you’ve activated ‘Show spelling suggestions’ and ‘Show grammar suggestions’.

Check the text to see the accuracy of your pronunciation and grammar usage. There will be a few required conversation accuracy tasks, but you can use this document whenever you like. 

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