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Jeff’s Favorite Sites (totally subjective)

General/Mixed Purposes

Games & Activities

Sites designed specifically to provide exam preparation



Pronunciation & Speaking

Top Practice Sites

 Other Sites

Debate Sites

Conversation Questions

Chatbots are automated chat tools that can be pre-programmed say certain things
or  interact with users. Text to speech chatbots allow you to create a speaking character (or  avatar)







Young Learners / Elementary


Mobile Tools

Make your own comics and animations

Assorted Tools

Fun Sites  (personality tests)

Photo Manipulation Tools    Screencast Guide Here

Picture Sources


QR Codes QR Code Generator  (create a QR Code image)

QR Reader Apps (read a QR Code on your phone):
Android: QR Droid    Barcode Scanner Apple  QR Reader

EFL Blogs   Blog Lists

Here are some EFL Related blogs and blog lists.

Blogger Blogs


More EFL Teacher blogs

Other News & Tech Blogs


Open Online Courses

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