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   Reviews, recommendations, ‘best of’ lists,  and discussions of recent books
Wonder Review    Books for ESL Readers in Middle School

Allows users to make their own visual stories using contributed illustrations. Thousands of user generated stories to read and discuss.
Seven Ways to Survive School    Worst Enemy, Best Friend
   Book reviews, author interviews, and reading lists.

Girls Life
Aimed at teen girls – full text of stories on style, health, advice, entertainment, and fun.
How to have a productive lazy day     5 signs your friendship has turned toxic

Soompi   AllKpop

Kpop celebrity news and very active discussion forums

VOCABULARY BUILDING – Create your own vocabulary sets or copy from millions of existing ones. All sets  includes flashcards, study mode, quizzes, and games.   Examples:  수능   Kpop Words – Korea-based site similar to Quizlet with sets for most Korean textbooks.
수능    고교영어2 영어교과서 YBM 신정현(검정) 레슨 4 – fewer activities, but a great tool for keeping track of which words you’ve learned or not.
TOEFL Essential Words   350 Idioms, Sayings and Slang    English is Fun!


ELLLO (English Listening Lesson Library Online)     Thousands of authentic conversations with native and non-native English speakers plus quizzes and activities
Love At First Site     How Annoying   Make-up   Love of Shopping  
Dozens of English conversations and listening activities

Lyrics Training –
Using popular English  songs to practice language skills
Just The Way You Are      Sugar      Let It Go

YouTube Tips
Fun Study: Schmoop   Crash Course   Khan Academy   
Ancient Egypt    Leonardo DiCaprio & The Nature of Reality

Search for other topics of interest: shopping haul, skin care routine, unboxing, teen talk, how to cook


TIps:  Activate CC, Change Speed, Open Transcript – search words, listen & repeat, subscribe to users, make playlists


Use speech recognition tools like Google Voice Typing or Google Translate to check your pronunciation.
Click here for the Pronunciation Practice Document

Practice Sentences

  It’s really too late to wait.                What’s the lowdown on the raw fish law?

  If we flee, we will be free.               There were very many berries in the valley.

  She won’t want to walk there          Sue went to the zoo and saw some sheep

  Please sit in the soft seat.              There was a lot of pressure to measure the major explosion.

Pronunciation Practice Handout – Minimal Pairs, Sentences, Paragraph
Minimal Pairs with Audio Recordings: Consonants  Vowels : Sentences

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