Study Group Plan: The Slap (Will Smith & Chris Rock at the Oscars)



  • justified
  • a take
  • decline 
  • assault and battery
  • statutory
  • misdemeanor
  • revocation 
  • expel

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think Will Smith was justified in slapping Chris Rock?
  2. How would you have responded if you were Chris Rock?
  3. When the joke was first told Will actually laughed. A few seconds later, he started walking up to the stage.  What do you think happened during that time?
  4. In what situations is a violent response justified?
  5. Can it be justified by words or comments only?
  6. Does the type of response matter? Slap, punch, beating?
  7. Would you want your significant other to respond with a physical attack if you were insulted?
    Would it matter if it was on a live global broadcast?
  8. Do you think security personnel should have done anything at that time?
  9. How would you respond if you saw something like this?
  10. Do you think this is an example of toxic masculinity or the return of chivalry? 
  11. How do you feel about ‘roasts’ or insult comedy? What is OK to joke about and what  ‘crosses the line’?
  12. What kind of stand-up comedy do you like?
  13. Does this make you more or less likely to see a Will Smith or Chris Rock movie?
  14. Do you think an artist and their art should be separated? If an artist has done something reprehensible, is it still OK to see their move, read their book, etc.?

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